MY name is Zhenlian,I was graduated from Northcote Teachers'Training College in Hong Kong as a qualified art teacher,I have been both Primary and Secondary school art teacher in China, now that I have retired from my teaching career, I spend all my time in painting and drawing. In fact painting is my most favorable pastime, it almost helps me attain the status of 'Zen' in the Buddhist philosophy.

I am practising 'Zen' which is a branch thought of the Buddhist philosophy. "Zhenlian" in Chinese means 'True Lotus" which is the spiritual symbol of the Buddhist religion. The concept of 'Zen' is to live your present moment as it is eternity ,there is no beginning and no end, there are no regrets for the past and no frettings and worries about the future. Let God take care of everything. When I am at my canvas, I forget that time is running, and when I finish my painting, I feel bliss and contentment, of course I feel a bit upset when sometimes I happen to fail in my paintings, that is to say when I am not really satisfied with the results, well, I can start all over again. Anyway there are perfect moments in the life of creations, we cannot expect every moment of our lives to be perfect. The moment you feel perfection, that is 'Zen'

I am idealistic dreamer, I only put beautiful imageries into my paintings. I like to cover my canvas with a profusion of colours in their dream-like imageries. My oil paintings are justapositions and combinations of the prismy colours. I like to experiment with various medias, such as acrylic and ink on Chinese paper, but I like oil paintings most, I like the richness of its colours and its flexibility. That is to say you can paint your work a thousand times to arrive at a satisfactory result.Most of my paintings are semi-abstract in styles, even if they are realistic there are always elements which belong to the imaginative world.

All my paintings are not just reproductions of the real world,they are integrations of elements which reflect my inclinations for surrealistic imageries, they are integrations of the real and the imaginative. I like to make myself feel living in a dreamy world. I enjoy creating a romantic and poetic atmosphere in all my paintings. Like Renoir, I believe that a painting should be beautiful.